There are numerous hotels in Diani Beach. Additionally, there are countless villas in Diani. Let's, tell why should you prefer the Ammarville

Diani Beach is one of those destinations you visit not only for the beautiful of the landscape but also for the variety of hospitality options and the pampering that comes with modern luxuries. You want to have someone attend to your meals and drinks, clean up your living space, stock up your mini bar and just make you feel like a king/queen.

There are numerous hotels in Diani Beach. Additionally, there are countless villas in Diani. So, why should you prefer a villa in Diani?

  1. A villa is spacious: Family holidays need sufficient space for each member to have some quiet time indoors. In a villa, you may have sleeping quarters, a lounge and a balcony. For instance, The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel has a family suite with a private, spacious balcony. When you are not exploring Diani Beach, your family can spend some time indoors, at the balcony.  In addition, socialize and catch up with family and friends in your suite without the disturbance that would come with holding such bonding moments in a hotel’s restaurant
  2. A villa has privacy: Villas in Diani are not crowded. The common areas such as the swimming pool are quiet. You don’t have to fight anyone to get a sun bed at the pool. For romantic holidays, a villa like Ammarville Villa has suites with a private pool. Diani Beach is sunny all day long so an afternoon or late evening at your private pool is possible.
  3. A stunning location: Villas are situated close to the beach, in serene gardens with lush lawns and mature palm trees. The Ammarville Villa sits in a tranquil, secluded, spot close to Diani Beach. A holiday is about unwinding and relaxing without pesky and noisy neighbors
  4. Friendly host and staff: Villas are intimate. To the host and the staff, you are not just another guest identified by the room number. Part of the homely charm of villas is the little things the staff does to make your stay comfortable. For instance, at The Ammarville Villa, the staff fills up the outdoor bathtub for the guests in the executive suite.